Sam Magee

Full Stack Developer + Designer


Software Engineer II @ Principal

 – Present // Des Moines, IACurrent

  • Develop enterprise-grade programs for automation of tasks
  • Build scheduled reports programmatically to be sent to business partners
  • Work closely with other teammates to build and test programs
  • Document purposes for new code extensively
  • Integrate existing programs with various AWS cloud technologies
Full Stack Developer I @ IMT Insurance

 –  // WDM, IA

  • Developed new dynamic software for the replacement of an existing, legacy system
  • Worked with management and coworkers to ensure the quality of code and create new features and fix existing bugs
  • Wrote tests to ensure all features work as intended
  • Built an entire microservice from scratch to store, view, and update policy-related files while training an incoming developer
Software Developer @ Lean Technologies

 –  // Pella, IA

  • Built software that directly impacted thousands of workers in many manufacturing companies
  • Took part in building out a new software development cycle and deployment process to meet the growing needs of the business
  • Led a redesign/re-theming project for the main product
  • Completed tasks according to deadlines with sturdy production quality
  • Added infrastructure for localization to Spanish language
Web Developer @ Central College

 –  // Pella, IA

  • Built the website to apply for admission to the college
  • Converted old code in the student and employee intranet to newer, more maintainable code
  • Created new web applications for the college, including a visual browser for the Facilities Management department


Pytho  // 
  • Social Python editor playground in the browser
  • User can create, view, share, and annotate Python snippets
  • Can be used in multiple contexts; one popular area being learning environments
Extro  // 
  • Privacy-focused solution for retrieving messages from an iOS backup
  • Allows the user to view messages in the browser and/or download them as a PDF
  • Allows the user to listen to and download voicemails in the same interface