Hello, World

Sam Magee

 · 3 min read

Yeah I know: "HeLlO wOrLd." What a lame title for a developer blog post. Oh well. This will be my first official blog post. I’ve recently decided this could be a good idea for a few reasons.

I built this shiny new website

Alright, let’s get the shallow point out of the way first. I’ve rebuilt and redesigned this website at least a dozen times, in several different frameworks and languages. This time, however, I feel as though I’ve done a better job at showcasing the different forms work, and I want my writing to be one such form.

I find it to be a good exercise to rebuild this website when I want to learn a new framework or language or design principle but don’t have a great idea for a project to do so. It enables me to find out how to do something that I already know in a territory that I’m not familiar with—which I believe to be a great learning method.

I also want to document some of these topics that I’m learning, in the hopes that maybe it will help someone else; but if nothing else, it will serve as a good notebook for myself.

Writing can be healthy

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve never really written just for fun or for anything really other than schoolwork, emails, Slack messages, texts, or IMs. Maybe I wrote an occasional journal entry back when I was forced to or a random tech article when I thought I would make it big as the next tech blogger (I still believe), but I’ve never really done it just for myself.

I do think writing is an amazing skill and tool to have, especially when needed in a professional environment, but really in order to have good communication in general. I can’t be sure, but at this point I think writing the occasional post will help build and develop this skill

Opinions are important

Prior to the past few years, I never really had strongly formed opinions about many important topics. More recently, I've come to the realization that opinions drive the world. I used to think that my opinion didn't matter, but now I understand that every opinion does make an immense difference. Whether or not an opinion has a lot of weight (it affects people in a heavily positive or negative way), it has some weight, and that matters.

This does not mean all of my posts will be strictly opinion-based. Primarily, they will be about things I've learned or new ideas I've had that I want to share. But for the posts that are opinion-based, I believe that it will be good for me to document those opinions, so I can go back to them and see my growth

To conclude, I can't guarantee that I will post often. In fact, I could probably guarantee that I won't. However, I will be posting when possible. I think it will be good for me, and I hope I will be able to help some people who may come across them!