These are some of my favorite projects I've worked on.



An Python editor with realtime output, using the Pyodide interpreter through WebAssembly. With this, you can write, share, and review Python code in the browser.

Laravel, WebAssembly, Vue, Python, TailwindCSS


A browser interface to extract, view, and export your iOS messages in a beautiful interface

Next.js, TailwindCSS


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These are some of my most recent posts.



These are the places I've worked.


Full Stack Developer @ IMT Insurance

 – Present

Most Recent
  • Develop greenfield software for the replacement of an existing, legacy system

  • Work with management and coworkers to ensure the quality of code and create new features and fix existing bugs

  • Write tests to ensure all features work as intended

  • Built an entire microservice from scratch to store, view, and update policy-related files while training an incoming developer

Junior Web Developer @ Central College


  • Built the website to apply for admission to the college

  • Began by converting old code in the student and employee intranet to newer, more maintainable code

  • Evolved to creating new web applications for the college, including a visual browser for the Facilities Management department

Software Developer @ Lean Technologies


  • Built software that directly impacted thousands of workers in many manufacturing companies

  • Took part in building out a new software development cycle and deployment process to meet the growing needs of the business

  • Led a redesign/re-theming project for the main product

  • Completed tasks according to deadlines with sturdy production quality

  • Added infrastructure for localization to Spanish language

Software Engineering Consultant @ Krafted

 – Present

  • Started as a hobby, expanded to a small business working on projects for various local businesses

  • Required great attention to detail, ability to meet deadlines, and critical thinking

  • Completed professional work for companies like Iowa Northern Railway, including a building a training and qualifications database from scratch and consulted for a real-time job tracking utility